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for the birds.

a few days ago i was introduced to photographer keith gidlund's work by lee at michael thompson framing. i fell in love with the several of the pieces from his birds collection. not only are the images stunning but they are done in a beautiful sepia tone and have slightly rounded edges taking film concept full circle. his website it worth checking out for sure. enjoy!


black thumb.

if you have a black thumb this is the project for you. i took an awesome class with kelly at workshop. in san francisco. she taught us how to make and care for terriarums. they are great because they don't need that much attention to florish and they do well in spaces that dont get alot of direct sunlight. i have one hanging in my office-no windows so lets see how it does! workshop also has other great classes like screen printing for newbies & diy mixology: madmen cocktails! see you there.


project #2:scarfs.

i love scarfs and until this morning my scarf collection was balled up in a horrible container store bin. they were wrinked and i would only wear my favorite ones that were sitting on top over while the rest were neglected. i had been planning on posting this shoe organizer on craigslist because i found an alternative storage solution for my small shoe collection until i had the idea to display my hats and scarfs on it. i have to admit so far i am loving the fact that i get to look at these great colors and textures instead of my smelly shoes.